Terracotta Jewellery Making

Learn how to make your own jewellery. Use terracotta to make few of these wonderful artifacts that would make your friends envious of your exclusive collection.


Participants would be taught by Malini Kalyanam,who is also the founder of Artistic Potter's training association, on how to prepare the secondary clay, where to buy it from, how to knead it, how to prepare the clay and finally how to incorporate your own designs onto real creations.


Terracotta Jewelry Making


This exclusive workshop is one of a kind and great fun too.




Adults Batch - Rs. 1300/participant
Date: Oct 23rd 2010
Time: 10am - 1pm

List of items that the students need to bring along with them: any sharp instrument or tool that you have at home to make impressions on the clay, a cutting nose plier, vehicle clutch wire- a small piece, a reynolds pen and pencil.

Venue: Lets do Something, Velachery.
Registration & contact details : or call in at 044-45014350

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